Hip-Hop wordsmith Pusha T’s Play Cloths fashion brand is getting political with its latest line of anti-Trump, pro-Hillary t-shirts.

The Virginia native debuted the shirts this afternoon via Twitter.

The shirt’s design plays off Clinton’s famous “Delete your account” shot sent at Trump through Twitter on the front.
While on the back is featured the hashtag #IMWITHHER.

All proceeds from the shirt’s sales will go towards prison reform and the rehab initiative Re- Imagine Justice.

Prison reform is a cause that Pusha T is currently putting in work for with his #SchoolsNotPrisons tour along with Ty Dolla $ign.

Push has shown support for Clinton in the past, as he recently FaceTimed with the presidential candidate and famed blogger Karen Civil in a call of action for voter registration.

Give Pusha’s tweets announcing the latest wears a look below and click here to purchase.





Model and actress who played Will Smith’s girlfriend in Independence Day. She also appeared in Kill Bill, Sharknado 2: the Second One and Booty Call.
She started acting at a young age in The Young and the Restless.
African and Native American by heritage, she started off on soap operas like Days of our Lives, but later appeared in Kill Bill.
She was married to Christopher Harvest from 1998 to 2002.


In an unprecedented and monumental decision, the NBA will move the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, N.C. to another state because of North Carolina’s controversial anti-LGBT law called House Bill 2.

“While we recognize that the NBA cannot choose the law in every city, state, and country in which we do business, we do not believe we can successfully host our All-Star festivities in Charlotte in the climate created by HB2,” the league said in a statement Thursday.

It is an issue NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the league have wrestled with since North Carolina lawmakers passed House Bill 2. The law, which was passed during a special session in March, bans local municipalities from enacting non-discriminatory ordinances designed to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The league said Charlotte will play host to the 2019 All-Star Game “provided there is an appropriate resolution to this matter.”

The NBA’s decision to relocate – a new site for 2017 has not been determined – was met with support from individuals, businesses and advocacy groups and disappointment in state leaders.

Because of the political and social divide over the issue, not everyone backed the NBA’s decision, including Gov. Pat McCrory who blamed “the sports and entertainment elite, Attorney General Roy Cooper and the liberal media.”

“American families should be on notice that the selective corporate elite are imposing their political will on communities in which they do business, thus bypassing the democratic and legal process,” he said in a statement.

Jason Collins, the first openly gay NBA player, released this statement:

“As a member of the NBA family and as a gay man, I’m extremely proud to see the NBA take initiative and move the All-Star Game from North Carolina. Their decision is an extremely poignant one and shows that discrimination of any kind is not welcome in sports and is not acceptable in any part of our society. The NBA has set the best kind of example and precedent moving forward for all to follow.”
Mike Krzyzewski, North Carolina coaches condemn ’embarrassing’ HB2 bill

Cyd Zeigler of Outsports told USA TODAY Sports, “The NBA set an example for other leagues to follow. This is a stark contrast to how the NFL has handled its issues, such as the Super Bowl in Houston or its owner meeting in Charlotte. The NFL prints money essentially, but doesn’t prioritize LGBT inclusion. The NBA, with its corporate culture and leadership, took a major stand against discrimination.”

North Carolina general assembly representative and executive director of Equality NC Chris Sgro fought to repeal the bill or change the law. He feared the NBA would relocate if the state did not make significant changes to the law.

“The alarm bells have been going off for three months now at the incredibly economic harm of HB 2 and the NBA has expressed its concern over the safety, security and comfort of all fans,” Sgro told USA TODAY Sports. “We understand that concern, and I just cannot believe that Gov. McCrory is so negligent as to let to the city of Charlotte and state of North Carolina to lose the NBA All-Star Game.”
Michael Jordan, NBA world react to All-Star game relocation

The All-Star Game was expected to generate $100 million of revenue for the state, according to Athlete Ally, and since the law was passed, the state has lost $329 million in business, according to Equality NC.

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said, “Enter the real world I would say to some states. I agree with the league and … everybody else who pulled out.”

The NBA expressed its disappointment and concern about the bill in March, and Silver was consistent in his message: if the law wasn’t changed, he had a difficult time envisioning the All-Star Game in a state where all fans didn’t feel included.

Three months ago at the Associated Press Sports Editors meeting, Silver said, “We’ve been, I think, crystal clear a change in the law is necessary for us to play in the kind of environment that we think is appropriate for a celebratory NBA event.”
Silver had hoped the league could help effect change by working with state government and private businesses.

The state’s general assembly had a chance to revise or repeal the bill before adjourning for the year but did not make changes that could have appeased the NBA. The league had received assurances from the city of Charlotte and local businesses that all fans would be welcome. But that wasn’t enough.

As recently as July 12, Silver said, “The question for us becomes in this situation, given the controversy, given the amount of discussion, given how hardened the views are there, is this the place we should be in February 2017 as the epicenter of global basketball where we can go and celebrate our game and our values?”

The league found its answer.

Contributing: Scott Gleeson, Tonya Maxwell, Asheville Citizen-Times

Follow Jeff Zillgitt on Twitter at @JeffZillgitt.

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R&B and soul singer who helped create the fusion genre New Jack Swing. He has played with a variety of artists, including Silk.
He started his musical career in the 1975 band Jamilah.
His largest solo album, Make It Last Forever, sold three million copies.
He was the son of a factory worker and a hairdresser.
He and LL Cool J collaborated on his 1991 song “Why Me Baby.”


The police shooting of an African-American caregiver, who was lying in the street trying to help an autism patient, was accidental, according to the local police union representing the North Miami officer.

The officer had intended to shoot the patient, whom he thought posed a danger, but accidentally shot the caregiver instead, said John Rivera, the President of the Dade County Police Benevolent Association.
Charles Kinsey, a behavior therapist, was shot Monday by police — an incident which has sparked outrage. Footage released by Kinsey’s attorney showed his client lying on the ground holding both hands in the air, next to a 23-year-old man with autism.
Rivera offered an explanation Thursday, saying that the police officer opened fire because he thought the white individual, whom they later learned is a man with autism, was going to harm Kinsey.
“This wasn’t a mistake in the sense that the officer shot the wrong guy or he thought that Kinsey was the bad guy,” he said in a press conference Thursday.
“The movement of the white individual made it look like he was going to discharge a fire arm into Mr. Kinsey and the officer discharged trying to strike and stop the white man and unfortunately, he missed the white male and shot Mr. Kinsey by accident.”
Rivera said that the video footage of the incident was “being portrayed poorly.”
Kinsey is hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his right leg after two or three shots were fired, according to his attorney.
“Mr. Kinsey did everything right, let’s be real clear about that,” Rivera said. He said that the police officer involved in the shooting “wishes nothing but the best for Mr. Kinsey and the officer is praying for his speedy recovery as are we.”
Kinsey told CNN affiliate WSVN that after the shooting, he was flipped over and handcuffed. A video released by the attorney showed Kinsey lying in the road, on his stomach and handcuffed. Both men were seen flat on the ground with two officers standing near them. According to his attorney Hilton Napoleon II, Kinsey was on the ground for 20 minutes before an ambulance arrived.
North Miami police said the officer opened fire after attempting to negotiate. Kinsey and his attorney said that the police explanation doesn’t add up. State authorities said they’re investigating the incident.
The unidentified officer has been placed on administrative leave and he issued a statement in form of a text message, which was read aloud to the media by Rivera.
“I took this job to save lives and help people,” according to the officer’s text statement. “I did what I had to do in a split-second to accomplish that, and hate to hear others paint me as something I’m not.”
Police: Caller reported armed man
A 911 call about an armed man threatening suicide drew officers to the scene just after 5 p.m. Monday, North Miami police Chief Gary Eugene told reporters.
“Our officers responded to the scene with that threat in mind. We had witness statements that there was a gun. We had a 911 call with that same information,” Eugene said Thursday. “However, I want to make it clear, there was no gun recovered.”
Kinsey told WSVN that his patient was holding a toy truck, not a firearm. He said he tried to explain the situation to officers.
Cell phone footage showed Kinsey lying in the street with his hands in the air.
“All he has is a toy truck,” he shouted. “I am a behavior therapist at a group home.”
Rivera, the president of the local police union, said that the officers had not heard what Kinsey was yelling.
Kinsey said the footage, released by his attorney, showed the moment Monday when he tried to persuade North Miami police not to harm his patient. He asked his patient to be still and lie down.
“Please be still … get down … lay on your stomach,” Kinsey says in the video.
The man beside him rocks back and forth.
“I was more worried about him than myself,” Kinsey told CNN affiliate WSVN-TV in Miami.
“As long as I’ve got my hands up, they’re not gonna shoot me, that’s what I’m thinking,” Kinsey said. “Wow, was I wrong.”
So far, Napoleon said, video of the shooting itself hasn’t surfaced.
State takes over investigation
Reports of the North Miami shooting drew swift reactions on social media, with posts criticizing the officer who opened fire.

Areva Martin, Esq.
#CharlesKingsley shooting by Miami PD proves that even when a Black man puts his hands up in plain view he still runs risk of death by cops

#CharlesKinsey Sick and tired is an understatement. So glad he’s alive to tell his story. Will people start listening now?

Ryan Grace
Absolutely atrocious. How do you shoot an unarmed therapist with his hands straight up after he tells you what’s going on? #charleskinsey

Rienne Camille
So glad #CharlesKinsey is alive to tell his side. I’m glad his patient is okay, and that there is documentation…but now, we need answers.

chicken thot pie
absent a criminal history, i imagine they’ll be showing us #CharlesKinsey’s school transcripts soon.

“a B-?! shoulda had all A’s!!”

officer fears for his life, lethal force.

civilian fears for their life, comply & hope for the best…

That’s not freedom

America. Where being black is considered armed and dangerous. #CharlesKinsey #StopStereotypes

shonda rhimes
“SAYS?” LOOK AT HIM. twitter.com/usatoday/statu…

Feminista Jones
The only thing #CharlesKinsley did was wake up Black.

In this country, that’s all one needs to do.

Wake up.
Be Black.
Draw breath.

Michael Armstrong
Unarmed. Lying on the ground. Hands up. Fully complying with all orders. Trying to aid his autistic student. STILL SHOT. #CharlesKinsley

Areva Martin, Esq.
#CharlesKingsley shooting by Miami PD proves that even when a Black man puts his hands up in plain view he still runs risk of death by cops

#CharlesKinsey Sick and tired is an understatement. So glad he’s alive to tell his story. Will people start listening now?

Ryan Grace
Absolutely atrocious. How do you shoot an unarmed therapist with his hands straight up after he tells you what’s going on? #charleskinsey

Rienne Camille
So glad #CharlesKinsey is alive to tell his side. I’m glad his patient is okay, and that there is documentation…but now, we need answers.
Kinsey’s shooting comes after a pair of officer-involved shootings led to the deaths of two men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, kicking off a period of national unrest and putting the spotlight again on police use of force, particularly against black men. Kinsey also is black.
Protesters flooded the North Miami Police Department headquarters on Thursday, demanding answers for the shooting.
Eight law enforcement officers have since been killed in separate incidents in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, targeted by gunmen who claimed they were reacting in part to incidents such as those that led to the deaths of Sterling and Castile.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the shooting.
“Bringing in an outside agency assures our commitment to transparency and objectivity in a very sensitive matter,” Eugene said.
Prosecutors said they’ll decide whether the officer should be charged after the state agency completes its investigation.
“They will provide us with their factual findings and conclusions,” Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said. “At that time, we will conduct our own investigation and review all of the evidence to determine whether the actions of the shooting officer constitute a criminal act that can be proven beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt.”
‘Why did you shoot me?’
Kinsey told WSVN he was stunned by the shooting, like when a mosquito bites unexpectedly.
“When he hit me, I’m like, I still got my hands in the air,” he said.
“I’m like, ‘Sir, why did you shoot me?’ ” Kinsey said he asked the officer.
“He said to me, ‘I don’t know.'”
North Miami police have said officers had “attempted to negotiate with the two men on the scene.”
At some point, one of the officers discharged his weapon, police said. In a fact sheet released via social media, the police department said the officer involved in the shooting is a 30-year-old Hispanic male with four years on the job.
“I realize there may be questions about what happened on Monday night. You have questions. The community has questions. … I, personally, have questions. I assure you, we’ll get all the answers,” the police chief told reporters Thursday.
‘This is not supposed to be happening in North Miami’
Howard Simon, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, condemned the shooting: “Thankfully, Mr. Kinsey is alive and not more gravely injured — but had the officer’s weapon been pointed just a few degrees differently, this senseless incident could have been a much greater tragedy.”
Simon called on law enforcement agencies to examine policies on the use of force and responses to people with mental health issues.
“Without changes in policy and improved training of officers, we will very likely see more needless shootings and deaths at the hands of police,” he said in a statement.
A U.S. congresswoman whose district includes North Miami told reporters she was shocked by the video that shows the scene before the shooting.
“This is like a nightmare to me,” Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson said.
“When you shoot a man lying on the ground with his hands up, explaining to you the situation, and you shoot him anyway? Something’s not right with this picture,” she said.
The shooting she said, isn’t typical of the city, which she described as a “melting pot.”
“This is not supposed to be happening in North Miami. North Miami is a city where the police officers and the community gel,” she said. “So many of our police officers come from the community (and) live in the community.”
‘He did everything he could possibly do’
A hospital spokeswoman said Kinsey is in good condition. His attorney called off a press conference with Kinsey on Thursday morning, saying his client was traumatized and speaking with a psychiatrist.
“The reality is that he believed … that if you comply with the police and you lay on the ground with your hands up, and if you speak to them like my client was speaking to them, as Americans, we try to believe that that will not result in you getting shot,” Napoleon said.
Now Kinsey, his attorney said, doesn’t know what to tell his children.
“Physically, he will recover, but mentally, he felt like he did everything he could possibly do and that wasn’t good enough,” Napoleon said.
“You can’t shoot unarmed people, period.”