Roger Ailes has resigned from Fox News amid sexual harassment allegations — an ignoble end to his legendary, controversial twenty-year tenure running the country’s dominant cable news channel.
Ailes’ departure is effective immediately. Rupert Murdoch, the 85-year-old patriarch of parent company 21st Century Fox, is now the channel’s chairman and acting CEO.
Ailes, 76, one of the most powerful men in the media business, was thought to be untouchable until two weeks ago, when ex-anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against him.
Within days, other women also came forward with similar accounts of harassment. Some of the allegations dated back to the 1960s; others were much more recent. Fox’s 9 p.m. host Megyn Kelly told investigators that Ailes harassed her a decade ago.
Murdoch and his sons James and Lachlan, who jointly run the company, pressured Ailes to resign. Firing him outright was another option.
After Ailes’ resignation was announced, Carlson’s lawyers released a statement saying, “Gretchen Carlson’s extraordinary courage has caused a seismic shift in the media world. We hope that all businesses now understand that women will no longer tolerate sexual harassment and reputable companies will no longer shield those who abuse women… We will have more to say in coming days as events unfold.”
Ailes may also have more to say. He has repeatedly denied the harassment charges.
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In a letter to Murdoch, he initially said “I am proud of our accomplishments and look forward to continuing to work with you as a consultant in building 21st Century Fox.”
However, a corporate source said that “consultant” is not an accurate word for what Ailes will be doing. Ailes will simply “be available to advise Rupert during the transition,” the source said.
The letter was revised to replace “consultant” with “adviser.”
Fox News staffers expressed astonishment about the sequence of events. Some said they believed that Ailes’ exit was a power play by the Murdoch sons, who are said to dislike Ailes.
If that’s what it was, it worked.
Shortly after 4 p.m. Thursday, Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch held a conference call with top Fox employees — many of whom are in Cleveland covering the Republican National Convention — to address the news. Sources on the call said that Rupert expressed sadness about Ailes’ departure but encouraged the staff to stay focused on the work in front of them.
“The call felt like part funeral and part pep talk,” Bret Baier, one of the network’s lead anchors, said. “It is a sad day, but we have a lot of work to do tonight.”
Some staffers described feeling sadness at the sudden exit of the man who had shaped so many of their careers.
“I can only speak for my relationship with Roger. I don’t know about all the allegations. I only know — and would like to focus on — the Roger I know,” Baier continued. “A man who was kind to me and my family and was a television genius.”
For others, especially some female employees, there was anger at the fact that Ailes will continue to serve as an adviser and be paid by 21st Century Fox. One source said women were relieved that Ailes had been removed.
Ailes will receive in excess of $40 million, which accounts for the remainder he is owed under the terms of his multi-year contract with Fox.
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Insiders have speculated that Ailes could jump to a rival channel, but the corporate source said the exit deal includes a non-compete clause that would precludes such a move for an extended period of time.
Another option for Ailes — once a feared Republican political consultant — is a return to the political arena. He has had a friendly relationship with the GOP nominee Donald Trump for decades. The two men have been counseling each other by phone in recent days.
Trump, through a spokeswoman, declined to comment on Ailes on Thursday.
Ailes has had health problems in recent years, which may affect his decisions about what to do next.
Ailes is revered by some and reviled by others. Through Fox News, he reshaped American television news and Republican politics simultaneously.
Murdoch tapped Ailes to create and run the network in 1996, ushering in a controversial new era in cable news.
By hiring hosts like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity and enforcing a conservative editorial point of view, Ailes developed a virtual public square for the American right and filled a void on television. It has dominated all other cable news channels for 14 years.
The channel claimed to be “fair and balanced,” but in reality its programming was tilted in favor of conservative opinions and Republican politics, reflecting the views of Ailes himself. Fox mixed daily news reporting and nightly conservative opinion in ways that many critics found to be damaging to American discourse. But Fox’s many fans said it was a necessary counterweight to liberal media bias.
Within six years, Fox came to dominate cable news ratings, dethroning CNN, and it has been a wildly successful business, with annual profits believed to exceed $1 billion.
Last year Fox News was the number two channel on cable, behind only ESPN.
Ailes was admired and envied for his talent management skills. But in recent weeks some women have described a darker side.
On the day Carlson sued, the Murdochs decided to conduct an internal review of the allegations.
An outside law firm interviewed present and past Fox employees. The New York Times reported on Wednesday that at least six other women told the lawyers that Ailes had behaved inappropriately toward them.
And on Thursday, Carlson’s lawyers released a statement saying that they had received accusations of sexual harassment against Ailes from “more than 20 women.” The claims could not be independently verified.
After being briefed on the initial findings from the investigation, the Murdochs concluded that Ailes must leave. Exit talks then began.
Rupert Murdoch was on vacation, but flew back to New York early to participate in the talks.
The drama at the network unfolded even as Fox was having its highest-rated year ever, and was three months away from the 20th anniversary of the channel’s launch.
Maybe that’s a convenient time for a change in leadership — or maybe not. The succession plan is unclear. The corporate source said Rupert would be acting CEO for a period of “months.”
But high-ranking sources at the network said they believed that actual day-to-day operations would be run by Bill Shine, the head of primetime and opinion programming, and Jay Wallace, who oversees daytime and news programming, while Murdoch makes some important calls from the top job.
Shine and Wallace were already running things day-to-day as negotiations picked up around Ailes’ departure. Both men are in the running to replace Ailes, and have guided the network in the past when Ailes was absent.
There are conflicting reports about whether a talent “walkout” is possible in the wake of Ailes’ departure. Fox’s biggest stars, like O’Reilly and Baier, have something called a “key man clause” in their contracts, allowing them to leave the network if a key executive, in this case Ailes, leaves.
One of the allegedly rebellious hosts told CNNMoney on Wednesday that, contrary to a report on Breitbart News, there is no organized exodus in the works.
But another one of the hosts left the door open.
A talent agent said the hosts have to consider a number of factors: “Who takes over at Fox? What’s the atmosphere like? What are the alternatives?”
There were many more questions than answers on Thursday evening.


It’s scary out there.

Donald Trump painted a foreboding picture Thursday of an America adrift as he accepted the Republican presidential nomination with a sober speech in Cleveland.
He invoked a nation imprisoned by its own rotten political establishment and clawing special interests, at risk from terrorists who could be disguised as Syrian refugees and stalked by tens of thousands of illegal immigrant criminals.
Trump has demonstrated a knack for channeling the nation’s mood. His convention message is tailored for a country grappling with mounting anxiety over a rash of terror attacks at home and abroad, and a feeling that something is badly wrong after a spate of shootings of police officers, rising racial tensions and a globalized economy that has left many Americans behind. Trump’s speech may have hit on a message that could propel him to the presidency.
Trump to GOP: I’m your voice
Instead of reaching for inspirational vignettes most nominees use to inspire their nation to greatness, Trump dwelled on the relatives of those killed by undocumented migrants and depicted a violent and dangerous land.
Trump started on the speech weeks ago, but as he went along, he found his vision validated by events — like the Dallas police ambush and the Orlando nightclub massacre — according to the aide who worked on the speech.
“As events happened in real life, obviously, that shaped the focus of the speech,” Trump aide Stephen Miller told CNN.
Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort, meanwhile, dismissed complaints that the GOP nominee’s speech, which laid out a Richard Nixon-style law and order message, was overly threatening.
‘It was reality’
“He was going to tell the truth. It wasn’t dark. It was reality.”
In the hall and among the Trump wing of the Republican Party, it appeared that Trump delivered.
A gay Silicon Valley billionaire just made GOP history at the RNC
Joni Ernst, part of a new generation of Republicans who have gravitated toward Trump, tweeted that Americans had been abandoned, and Trump had “heard these voices loud and clear.”
Some Republicans found the speech not to their liking. Meghan McCain, daughter of the 2008 Republican nominee, tweeted “The Party I was part of is dead.” Many other Republicans stayed away from the convention and decided to stay off of Twitter Thursday night.
Trump’s strategy was classic populism — conjuring up a dark and stormy world. He played upon his image as a man of action and a business leader to suggest that only he — a non politician — could turn the nation around.
“Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it,” said Trump, who one friend described from the stage as a “blue collar billionaire.”
The power of Trump’s rhetoric was sufficient to drown out some of the most embarrassing moments of a sometimes erratic GOP convention.
No one on Thursday night was talking about Ted Cruz’s insurrection from the convention stage Wednesday when he refused to endorse Trump. And the plagiarism controversy over the speech delivered by Trump’s wife, Melania, was not on anybody’s lips.
The question now, as Republican delegates head home and the political circus decamps to Philadelphia for Hillary Clinton’s anointing by Democrats next week, is whether Trump did what he needed to do in Cleveland.
Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist, said that notwithstanding Cruz’s intervention on Wednesday, Trump succeeded in pulling together the Republican Party, which initially viewed him with suspicion around him.
“I think that he united the base,” O’Connell said, arguing that Trump needed to ensure that more than 90% of GOP voters showed up in November if he has a chance to win the election.
GOP unity
But Trump needed to do more than unite Republicans in Cleveland. Given that he trails Clinton by roughly five points in most national polls and is down in many swing states, he needed to broaden his support among non GOP voters.
He also had to prove that he has the knowledge, temperament and experience to be President despite never having held public office.
Only time will tell if he met that bar — the debates with Clinton in the fall will test that proposition more deeply. But his restrained demeanor in his teleprompter speech on Thursday could help.
After winning the nomination with a bull-in-a-china shop persona, some experts also thought Trump needed to pry open a window into his soul and soften the hard edges of his personality.
Though his family excelled at the convention — his son Donald Jr. in particular — it was not clear that Trump will ever change his style.
Most memorable lines from the RNC’s final night
Ivanka Trump, the candidate’s daughter, shone on Thursday night with an upbeat speech after she strode on stage to the strains of “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles — a stark contrast to her father’s dark vision.
It is too early to judge the size of the billionaire’s convention polling bump and whether he was able to reshape the race.
But what is certain is that the week in Cleveland lived up to its unconventional billing.
By traditional measures, Trump and his campaign committed what would unequivocally be regarded as a string of serious gaffes. But such is the unorthodox nature of his presidential bid and the unpredictability of an election that has broken all the political rules, no one knows if he is seriously hurt.
Still the two-day plagiarism controversy, the feud with Ohio Gov. John Kasich in a state that will be crucial in November, and the failure to make an endorsement the price for Cruz’s convention address were all self-imposed errors that hint at persistent organizational woes.
Who said it: Ivanka Trump or Hillary Clinton?
Trump’s curious decision to give an interview to The New York Times on the eve of his convention address casting doubt on NATO’s security guarantees that are the bedrock of the West was also a case of unusual timing — not to mention a foreign policy judgment that quickly trigged panic in Europe.
And the week was also notable for its loose organization, as prime-time speakers went long and some of the party’s top future stars — like Ernst — were left speaking to a mostly empty convention hall late at night.
The convention often lacked a clear narrative thread — the theme of each night was lost at times as speakers strayed from the topic. The fixation on Clinton, characterized by cries of “Lock her up! Lock her up!” from the convention floor provided the most lasting image of the convention.
While hating on the Clintons is guaranteed to invigorate Republican base voters, it seems less guaranteed to impress wavering independents in swing states — even given deep doubts about Cinton’s character and honesty.
Hillary Clinton hate for sale on the streets of Cleveland
As Democrats gear up for their convention next week, some are confident that Trump made little headway among an electorate that is more diverse than his political strategy seems to assume.
“I don’t think they expanded their appeal an inch at that convention with ‘lock her up’ and Rudy Giuliani standing up and screaming,” said Mark Alderman, a veteran Democratic donor and former transition chief for President Barack Obama. “They fed their base.”
The final image of the convention came with Trump and his family basking in cheers on stage as red, white and blue balloons fell from the rafters.
The music pounding over the speakers — “You can’t always get what you want” by the Rolling Stones — might just have been one last Trumpian swipe at the GOP establishment as he heads into the fall campaign.


Although Bow Wow has gotten to a pretty cool place in his life and his career, he says that things weren’t always so peaceful.

Bow Wow revealed to DJ Vlad that he once thought about ending it all because he had become so reckless.

Bow Wow said he was in a dark space around his third album where he contemplated suicide.

The reason he contemplated suicide is a little bit strange. He says that he contemplated suicide because he had done everything: he’d been everywhere, driven every car, slept with all the women etc.
Even if a person feels like they’ve done “everything,” there still has to be something that someone aspires to achieve.

He also didn’t confirm or deny whether or not he slept with Kim Kardashian in the past.

But, his response actually kind of confirmed it completely. Oh, and Bow Wow makes women sign non-disclosure forms when they come over to party in hopes that he won’t end up on the blogs. I’ve never heard of someone wanting to commit suicide because they’ve done “everything” already. Well, we are glad to see Bow Wow has a healthier mindset now!


Gucci Mane is enjoying his new positive drug free lifestyle since serving three years in prison on a federal gun possession charge.

In the interview with the The Fader, Gucci discussed the harsh conditions that he faced in prison as he describes it as “hell.”

The rapper also outlined some of the ways he’s benefited from his three year isolation from the outside world as he as no longer able to access drugs such as lean and marijuana.

“I was on drugs so bad, I talked different. When I was smoking damn near a pound of weed every other day, I was congested. When I was drinking lean like crazy every day, I was out of my mind,” Gucci Mane admitted.
Now he says he is much more clear minded without the influence of the drugs, which he attributes as a cause for the recent outlandish rumors of him being a clone that spread like wildfire.

“It’s funny. I embrace it. A clone is, like, perfection. So if I look like a machine or a robot, then I’m doing something well,” Gucci Mane said.

Guwop is set to release his first album since his return from prison Everybody Looking tomorrow.

Give the interview a look below.


Rappers Waka Flocka & The Game definitely have had some harsh words for one another on social media, but according to Waka, it’s all been a misunderstanding.

Waka posted a clip on Instagram expressing his frustration with rappers being fake with their actions and intentions following the recent deaths resulting from police brutality.

Waka basically said you can’t post d##k prints on social media and lead the community simultaneously.

“They f-cking models on Instagram showing their bodies and d##k prints…..I’m not finna be doing no black peace treaties when I can’t stop a n-gga dying in my hood.”
The Game is known for his Instagram clap backs, so it wasn’t long before he took offense and went in on Waka.

The Game felt Waka was addressing him because he has posed in his underwear for the ‘gram, and he recently ran a gang summit in LA that was organized to address community issues.

The Game went in on Waka for allegedly catching herpes, and for losing his wife. When Waka got wind of The Game’s insults, he posted a video expressing his disappointment in Game falling into the everyday trap of internet instigating.

“That’s really crazy Game. You really fed into this Internet instigating. You got homies. I got homies. They all know each other. Like if you felt I was even talking bout you, you shoulda called me my n##ga. I wasn’t even talking bout you. How many n##gas posed with they sh-t out? I’m just saying s##t that happened. But if you were on positive vibes, you would’ve called me on some positive s##t instead of being real commercial and comical about it. Turning this s##t into some kind of war. This is real positive vibes. I’m not mad at you homie. But just know you fed into what the blogs wanted,” said Waka.

Do you think Waka was really talking about Game, and he’s trying to take the high road because he got called out about it? What are your thoughts?

Facts!!! Don’t start this internet instigating… 👇
A video posted by WAKA FLOCKA (@wakaflocka) on Jul 20, 2016 at 8:00am PDT
Just not for the lame shit. i/we want action and truth!!!!
A video posted by WAKA FLOCKA (@wakaflocka) on Jul 20, 2016 at 8:19am PDT
Real is real #BigHomieFlock I want all the smoke when somebody light my blunt #YouThat I’m a grown ass 30year old man on social media amongst young-ins #No #InternetInstigating I said it once I’ll say it twice I wasn’t referring to nobody just talking some real nigga shit… #BigDawg
A video posted by WAKA FLOCKA (@wakaflocka) on Jul 20, 2016 at 2:52pm PDT
To whom it may concern: mi nah ramp wid di bumboclatt rap bwoy dem, ‘specially wid a waste man dat wear dry up counterfeit locks & hav big lip like a one gyals swell up pomms dat di catch a herpes. But be’cuz mi juss a feel well & blessed today, mi a guh share some words of wisdom … Stop catch up wid di bad mind people dem, take heed & recognize when Jah bless yuh wid a good ‘ooman (Tammy). Swallow yuh pride and use all di goodness life has blessed you with to go and catch her back! Be’cuz truss when mi seh! Yuh nah whan di bad man tingz. My Yute, yuh nah whan dis yah… Back to da positive vibrations, may Jah Bless yuh on your journey. Man dem fi seh, BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!! Yah Dun Know!
A video posted by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on Jul 20, 2016 at 2:01pm PDT



NBA shot-blocking and rebounding specialist who led the league in rebounding in 2014 and 2015 as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers. He was also an NBA All-Defensive First Team selection in 2015.
He played one year at Texas A&M before declaring for the 2008 NBA Draft. He was then selected with the 35th overall pick by the Clippers in 2008.
He helped the Clippers reach the second round of the playoffs in 2012, 2014 and 2015.
His mother Kimberly Jordan became an avid critic of her son’s performances.
He became teammates with high-flying forward Blake Griffin on the Clippers in 2010.


Common has signed on to star in a remake of coming-of-age drama “Cooley High.”

The Oscar winner will also produce the revamp of the 1975 Blaxploitation comedic drama, which featured Glynn Turman and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs.

“Cooley High” was set in Common’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois, and centered on a pair of teen best friends during the final weeks of the school year.

The original film was produced on a $750,000 budget and grossed $13 million at the U.S. box office, making it one of the top 30 highest domestic grossing films of 1975.
Bosses at America’s ABC network developed a TV adaptation of “Cooley High” soon afterward, but the pilot was poorly received.

As a result, studio executives asked the show’s producers to completely revamp the show as a sitcom with new characters and a new title, and the series became beloved comedy “What’s Happening!”

Should Common Remake and “Star” In “Cooley High”!!?
Yes, It Needs A New Update
NO!! You Don’t Touch A Classic!


(CNN)In a heated interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said he predicted the recent police shootings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that killed three law enforcement officers and wounded three others.

Baton Rouge shooting: 3 officers dead; shooter was Missouri man, sources say
Sheriff and Don Lemon get heated over police shootings

Sheriff and Don Lemon get heated over police shootings 05:00
“I’ve been watching this for two years. I’ve predicted this,” Clarke said. “This anti-police rhetoric sweeping the country has turned out some hateful things inside of people that are now playing themselves out on the American police officer.”
When police are shot, America is the target
Clarke blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for inspiring violent crimes against law enforcement officers, calling the group “purveyors of hate.” Clarke argued that their ideology was false, saying there is no data that proves law enforcement officers treat black males more aggressively than white males.
“This anti-cop sentiment from this hateful ideology called Black Lives Matter has fueled this rage against the American police officer,” Clarke said.
The high spirited interview garnered a lot of feedback on social media. Some of those reactions are listed below:


Rapper and former Baton Rouge resident Lil Boosie weighed in on the latest bloodshed in his hometown.

In his mind, Lil Boosie sees nothing but more violence down the road, unless there are more convictions of police who shoot and kill African-Americans.

“It’s a lot of anger down there, a lot of people are angry down there. Everybody I’m talking to when I call home they mad,” Lil Boosie told “It’s just a bad position for a lot of people right now. It’s a bad position for the way we feeling down there, It’s a bad position for the police, it’s just all out craziness out there.”

Lil Boosie believes the wave of violence across the United States will only increase – especially if the officers in the latest incidents in Louisiana and Minnesota are not brought to justice.
On July 5, a bystander videotaped a Baton Rouge police officer shoot and kill 37-year-old Alton Sterling in front of a local convenience store.

Less than 24 hours later, the aftermath of Philando Castile’s murder at the hands of Minnesota police was broadcast on Facebook live and instantly went viral.

Protests ensued around the country in the following days in cities around the country including Dallas, where five police officers were killed and another seven were wounded during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Boosie sees no end to the violence in sight, until police officers are held accountable for their actions against the African-American citizens of this country.

“I don’t think it’s going to stop until they start convicting of officers of doing what they do,” Lil Boosie continued. “if they don’t start convicting these officers of what they doing is just going to keep escalating and if that guy don’t get indicted and sent to prison for life, it’s going to be another war it’s going to be another shooting is going to keep on going on because of people feel like they’re not protected by the police and the police are trying to kill him, man it’s going to get worse.”

Lil Boosie is more than familiar with the justice system in Baton Rouge.

He was arrested while he was a resident of the city multiple times on a variety of charges, from marijuana possession to murder.

Boosie eventually beat the murder charge, but he spent four years in Angola Prison on drug and probation violation charges.

Since his acquittal and subsequent release from prison, Lil Boosie has left Louisiana and has vowed to never return to the city to live, due his fame and the potential to be harassed and even framed by police officers in the state.

Lil Boosie is urging everyone across the country to “calm down and find a better way.”

Lil Boosie comments come on the heels of the deaths of three police officers, who were ambushed earlier today near the Baton Rouge police headquarters.

One suspected gunman, an African-American named Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, was shot and killed in a gun battle with cops.

Long was a former Sergeant in the Marines. He went on the deadly shooting spree on his 29th birthday.

“Our hearts go out to the families that are grieving, our hearts go out to the officer who is still fighting for his life. We don’t need inflammatory rhetoric, we need to temper our words and open our hearts.”

So far Montrell Jackson and Matthew Gerald have been identified, while a third officer’s identity has to be be confirmed.

This is Officer Montrell Jackson & his baby boy. He was killed in #BatonRouge today.

— britni danielle (@BritniDWrites) July 17, 2016