From the very beginning, many people didn’t believe the romance between Taylor Swift and Drake coupling was possible. But it could make sense when you think about it. Drake is successful, famous, good looking and non-threatening man.

The only reason Taylor didn’t pursue a relationship with him could be the same reason her romance with Harry Styles ended so quickly- Drake is almost as famous as she is, which might be a deal-breaker for her.

On the other hand, Drake actually did date Rihanna, twice. Sadly, the relationship didn’t last very long both times.

Since both, Taylor and Drake are the king and queen of the breakup, that could be the reason why many people are were craving to see their relationship “happen.”

According to reports, Swift is working with Drake on his new album. Reportedly, that album will contain a few shots at his most recent ex.

A source shared, “There will definitely be some digs at [Rihanna].” “Drake’s still devastated by his breakup from Rihanna and is hoping that this will get under her skin.”

So, the collaboration between Drake and Taylor Swift makes perfect sense, knowing that she traffics in breakup songs the same way rumors about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber traffic on social media. However, what’s even more important is that Swift has her own reasons to take revenge on Rihanna.

As you probably know, Calvin Harris is one of Taylor’s many famous ex-boyfriends, whose two biggest hits were both collaborations with the singer from Barbados. Naturally, Taylor Swift is apparently eager to prove that she and Drake are a better hit-making pair.

According to the source, “She is hoping the song is a major hit – better than [her ex] Calvin Harris’ song [‘This Is What You Came For’] with Rihanna.”

Normally, people would think this scenario is pretty unbelievable, but “Shake It Off” singer is involved in it. I mean, she’s basically made a career out of that kind of things. So, it’s very possible that Taylor Swift is actually helping Drake get revenge on Rihanna.

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